Start Child Care

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Licensed Group Child Care for Up to 30 Children

Thinking about opening a child care business in your home or a public facility? This Group Child Care start-up guide provides the steps and paperwork you need to become licensed.

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Consider These Things Before You Start ➜

Complete the Licensing Process ➜
• Contact Your County Child Care Licenser ➜
• Submit Licensing Paperwork
• Prepare for Inspection

Establish Your New Child Care Business ➜

  • Additional Business Management Resources
  • Additional resources to help you manage budgets, staffing, marketing and run your business after you complete the licensing process.

  • Hiring and retaining staff is crucial to a child care business. We've gathered these resources to help you meet licensing requirements, fulfill legal requirements and develop a good working relationship with staff.

  • Resources to help you create healthy environments and offer programming that supports children's growth and development.

  • A list of equipment and materials to consider for activity and interest areas in a child care facility

  • An Excel worksheet to help you plan purchases of equipment and furnishings for a child care facility.