Start Child Care

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Start a Licensed Child Care Center for 19 Children or More

Thinking about starting a child care center? This Center License Develpment Guide provides an overview of the basics for getting started, plus things to consider as you develop your child care business.

Understand License Requirements
Contact Your Child Care Licensing Specialist ➜
• Director Qualifications and Staff Requirements
• Facility Requirements
• Policy, Procedure and Contract Requirements
• Business File Requirements

Determine Business Type

Create a Budget

Find the Right Facility

Write a Business Plan

Purchase Furnishings

  • Additional Business Management Resources
  • Additional resources to help you manage budgets, staffing, marketing and run your business after you complete the licensing process.

  • Hiring and retaining staff is crucial to a child care business. We've gathered these resources to help you meet licensing requirements, fulfill legal requirements and develop a good working relationship with staff.

  • Resources to help you create healthy environments and offer programming that supports children's growth and development.

  • A list of equipment and materials to consider for activity and interest areas in a child care facility.

  • An Excel worksheet to help you plan purchases of equipment and furnishings for a child care facility.