Start Child Care

Complete the Licensing Process

A Family License authorizes a child care provider to care for up to 7 children, plus two additional school-age children in their home.

  • Step One: Contact Child Care Licensing Specialist
  • They will connect you to the Child Care Licensing Specialist, help you start the application process, and provide a list of specific state, country and local licensing requirements. Here are some questions you may want to ask:
    - Does my community have additional ordinances that regulate child care?
    - Where do I go to get fingerprinted? Is there a charge?
    - Do other people living in my home need to get fingerprinted as well?
    - Do I need a fire inspection?
    - Where can I get pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid training?

  • Step Two: Criminal Background Checks
  • This link will take you to a list of forms that include the following documents that you will need to complete your required Criminal Background Check
    ☐ SFN 829 - Personal Authorization for Criminal History Record Information Inquiry
    ☐ SFN 60688 - Criminal History Record Check Request Form
    ☐ SFN 836 - Fingerprint Identity Verification

  • > Fingerprint Scan

    Your Child Care Licensing Specialist can tell you where to go for fingerprinting and if there is a charge for this service.
    Other household members, child care helpers, or volunteers may need to be fingerprinted. Contact your child care licenser to verify requirements.

  • Step Three: Prepare for Inspection
  • Complete Personnel Requirements

  • The child care provider must
    - Be present in home at least 60% during child care hours
    - Meet staffing requirements based on the number of children present
    - CPR/First Aid Certified
    - Completed required SIDS and Getting Started trainings
    - Completed Orientation (in person or online)
    Worker/volunteers must be
    - At least 12 years of age if an immediate family member
    - Have written permission if between the ages of 14 and 16 years
    - Be supervised by the provider at all times if under age 18
    - Receive orientation within the first week of employment
    - Have completed authorized background checks

  • Complete and Organize Required Paperwork
    File these documents in one central location (e.g. a file box or drawer) to expedite the licensing inspection..

  • > Documentation of Pet Immunizations (if applicable)
  • Including but not limited to
    - Guidance and discipline of children
    - Accident and illness response procedures
    - Reporting procedure if parents or staff wish to file a complaint, suspected licensing violation, or suspected child abuse or neglect
    - Hiring practices
    - Daily reports for their child upon request
    - Accountability procedure if a child fails to arrive
    - Transportation procedures, if applicable
    - Aquatic activities policy

  • Notifying them of fees and time of payment.

  • Prepare Individual Files
    If a child is enrolled prior to licensing, each child must have an individual file that includes the following:

  • This link will take you to a list of forms that include the following documents you will need to complete your application for a Family Child Care License
    ☐ SFN 845 - Child Information Sheet
    ☐ SFN 847 - Parent's Statement of Health
    ☐ SFN 16038 - Certification of Immunization

  • > Official documentation (birth certificate or passport) verifying the identifcation of the child
  • Prepare Your Child Care Environment
    Verify that your child care environment has the following:

  • > Posted Meal Plans
  • > Set Up Child Care Environment

    Providing adequate supply of safe materials and toys for indoor/outdoor play

  • > Minimum of 35 sq. ft. per child of usable INDOOR play space
  • > Minimum 75 sq. ft. per child useable OUTDOOR play space
  • > Smoke Detectors

    One working detector in each sleeping area and one on each level

  • > Fire Extingishers

    One working fire extinguisher on each level

  • > Hand Soap and Towels

    Soap and towels (paper or individual) available at each sink

  • > Hot Water: 120 degrees fahrenheit or less
  • > Drinking Water from an Approved Source
  • > Railings or Gates in Place Where Necessary to Prevent Falls
  • > Established Napping Areas
  • > Signage Posted to Assure a Smoke-Free Environment
  • Step Four: Schedule an Inspection
  • If you have completed all the items you are ready to schedule your licensing inspection. Call your Child Care Licensing Specialist to schedule an inspection and complete the licensing process.
    Contact a Child Care Aware Start-Up Consultant if you have questions or need assistance..

CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD ➜ Includes 7 pages of instruction and a 40-page appendix of required licensing documents.