Special Needs and Inclusion

UspireND can help providers develop plans and maintain environments that enable children with special needs to learn, grow and play alongside others in a child care setting. Inclusion support services are available to home and center-based providers at no-cost.

What are the characteristics of an inclusive child care program?
• All children, with and without special needs, are together
• All children participate in daily routines and activities
• Enrollment is open to all children and families regardless of abilities, cultures, and backgrounds
• Focus is on the individual strengths of each child
• Child care professionals are flexibe and creative

Benefits of an inclusion program
Children in an inclusive child care/preschool program
• Experience a sense of belonging and feel part of their community
• Have better self esteem
• Develop a wider variety of friendships
• Have positive expectations about things they can do
• Learn from other children
• Share daily experiences
• Learn that people have different kinds of abilities
• Develop sensitivity and understanding towards others
• Learn to value differences in themselves and others
• Are encouraged to be resourceful, creative and cooperative

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