Start Child Care

Consider These Things Before You Start
a Child Care Business in Your Home

Opening and operating a child care business in your home requires careful consideration and planning. Before you make your final decision, think about the following.

Do you fit the part?

Successful child care providers use the following words to describe themselves. Can you see yourself “fitting" the part?

  • Energetic - Providers typically work 10 hours a day with few breaks. Do you have the physical and emotional strength to keep up with children?
  • Organized - Child care providers inherently become experts at multi-tasking as they juggle the responsibilities of talking with parents, nurturing children, preparing nutritious meals, keeping play areas clean and organized and more.
  • Committed - Families depend on child care providers so they can work. Children depend on providers to care and nurture them. Do you have the ability and desire to be reliable to children and families?
  • Able to communicate - The number one reason families leave a provider stems from misunderstandings and a lack of communication. Providers must be willing to reach out to families to build strong relationships.

Will it impact your family?

Operating a child care business in your home may significantly impact your family. You may want to discuss the following items with your family.

  • Will your children adapt to sharing their parent, toys, and home with other children?
  • Will the morning drop-off rush interfere with your family’s morning schedule?
  • Can the family pet be integrated into the child care program?

What are the professional benefits?

Operating a licensed family child care can be personally and financially rewarding. As a licensed provider, you will

  • Enjoy being your own boss
  • Play a key role in your community by offering a needed service
  • Support families and impact the lives of children
  • Offer families peace of mind by having a regulated and inspected facility
  • Qualify for tax deductions
  • Allow parents a higher Child Care Assistance reimbursement

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