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Obtaining a Self-Declared Document

A Self-Declaration Document authorizes a child care provider to care for up to 5 children, under the age of 12. No more than three children may be under the age of 24 months. A provider's own children, who are 12 years or younger, must be included in the total.
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  • Step One: Contact Child Care Licensing Specialist
  • They will provide you with a rule book for Self-Declaration Providers and answer your questions. Here are some questions you may want to ask::
    - Does my community have additional ordinances that regulate child care?
    - Where do I go to get fingerprinted? Is there a charge?
    - Do other people living in my home need to get fingerprinted as well?
    - Do I need a fire inspection?
    - What training do I need to complete?
    - Where can I get CPR and first-aid training?
    - Are there any requirements if I have pets?

  • Step Two: Prepare Documents
  • This link will take you to a list of forms that include the following documents that you will need to complete your required Criminal Background Check
    ☐ SFN 829 - Personal Authorization for Criminal History Record Information Inquiry
    ☐ SFN 60688 - Criminal History Record Check Request Form
    ☐ SFN 836 - Fingerprint Identity Verification

  • Step Three: Complete Required Trainings
  • Complete required SIDS and Getting Started training.

  • Step Four: Prepare for Approval
  • Prepare Individual Files
    Each child must have an individual file that includes the following:

  • > Official documentation verifying the identifcation of the child
  • This link will take you to a list of forms that include the following documents you will need to complete your application to become a Self-Declared provider
    ☐ SFN 845 - Child Information Sheet
    ☐ SFN 847 - Parent's Statement of Health

  • > Set Up Child Care Environment

    Providing adequate supply of safe materials and toys for indoor/outdoor play.

  • > Smoke Detectors

    One working detector in each sleeping area and one on each level.

  • > Drinking Water from an Approved Source
  • > Ensure That Children Do Not Have Access to Health and Safety Hazards

    This includes
    - Using a gate to secure stairs
    - Covering outlets
    - Storing cleaning supplies, medications, and other chemicals in a locked cabinet or other means to make them inaccessible to children
    - Locking guns and ammunition separately

  • > Signage Posted to Assure a Smoke-Free Environment
  • Step Five: Schedule a Pre-Approval Visit
  • Contact your Child Care Licensing Specialist ➜ to schedule a pre-approval visit after you have completed all items listed. Your will need to have the following documents completed and available for the pre-approval visit.

  • Schedule an inspection after you have completed all items in steps one through three.

  • > Documentation of Pet Immunizations (if applicable)

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