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  • Ages & Stages of Child Development: Newborn to School-Age
  • Available as one 1-hour session.

    Learn about the physical, intellectual, emotional and social characteristics of each stage of child development and how to apply that to learning to interact with children.

  • Am I Making a Difference?
  • Available as one 2-hour session.

    Ever wonder if what you do every day helps children get ready for kindergarten? Come explore how play-based learning connects and supports school readiness as defined in the Early Learning Guidelines. You’ll discover what you can do to provide experiences and environments to support children’s development and learning.

  • Child Development: Part 1
  • Available as one 1-hour session.

    Learn about the stages of child growth and development, and the role physical, emotional, intellectual, social and moral development play in overall development

  • Family Matters
  • Available a three 2-hour sessions or one 6-hour session.

    Parents are at the center of their child’s universe, and you must acknowledge and accept the critical role that parents play in their child’s development. By working together with families, you can share both the joys and struggles of raising children. Come discuss some of the challenges to parent-provider relationships and discover tools for you to successfully meet these challenges.

  • From Freud to Brazelton: 100 years of Child & Parent Development Theories
  • Available as one 1-hour session.

    Learn about popular and influential child development theories that represent different approaches to interactions with children. These theories can help you organize your ideas, understand influences and discover ways to interact with children.

  • Health & Safety Basics
  • Available as one 2-hour session.

    Keeping staff and children safe and healthy is one of the most important aspects of child care, and it’s a responsibility that you must take seriously. In this training, we’ll explore general illness prevention practices as well ways to identify common safety hazards.

  • Meaningful Movement: Activities for All
  • Available as one 2-hour session.

    This training will provide you with tools and tips to design and structure the environment to include ALL young children in physical activity movements.

  • Meaningful Movement: MVPA Everyday!
  • Available as one 2-hour session.

    This session relates to the goal of increasing Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA). We’ll get up and move to show you how to increase physical activity throughout the day.

  • Our Children and Homelessness: Who Are They?
  • Available as one 2-hour session.

    This session will introduce you to the topic of child homelessness. Explore common assumptions and stereotypes as you discover who the children are living with homelessness. Topics include the definition of homelessness, significant trends contributing to family homelessness, issues children and families face when impacted by homelessness and the effects of homelessness on child development.

  • Reframing Discipline
  • Available as three 2-hour sessions or one 6-hour session.

    Are you struggling with discipline dilemmas in your program? During this interactive, video-based training, you will learn how positive guidance helps children learn to self-manage their behavior. Join us to examine your own attitudes about guidance and discipline, understanding the importance of developing relationships with each child, and recognize that behavior has meaning.