Training & Credentials

Training Requirements

North Dakota law states that child care providers and their employers must complete specific trainings to become licensed or work in an early childhood setting. Some cities/counties also require additional trainings beyond state requirements. Contact the Licensing Specialist in your zone to verify training requirements for your location. Training may not be duplicated within a 3-year period.

  • Getting Started
  • All North Dakota child care operators and employees are required to complete Getting Started, a 15-hour basic child care course, within the first three months of becoming licensed or employed. This training counts towards your annual training requirements.
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  • This guide provides directors and administrators with information to align the Getting Started training with the policies and practices in your program. The guide identifies key topics to guide your discussions with staff, as well as suggestions for demonstrating the practices learned in the training. This guide also provides information about the importance of professional development and gives you tools to help your staff become more engaged in their career.

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Providers caring for infants are required to take a Department of Human Services-approved SIDS training annually.

  • SIDS (Online)

    Take a free online, self-paced course to fulfill this requirement.
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  • First Aid and CPR Training
  • First Aid and CPR training must be completed within 90 days of becoming licensed or employed. Recertification is required for licensing, but First Aid and CPR do not count toward your annual training hours. Child Care Aware® does not provide these trainings. Contact the Licensing Specialist in your zone for more information on finding First Aid and CPR training providers.

  • Training & Licensing Requirements
  • Child care operators and employees must complete a minimum number of approved training hours each licensing year. The number of training hours needed depends on the document type or license type and number of hours worked. Staff should check with their supervisors to determine their program license type and specific licensing period.