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North Dakota Early Learning Guidelines

Early Learning Guidelines (ELG) are research-based, measurable descriptions of the things young children are expected to know and be able to do at each age and stage of development. These guidelines provide parents, teachers, caregivers and policy makers with common language and expectations that they can use to plan, execute, and evaluate early childhood environments and services. Each state, the District of Columbia, and the federal Head Start program establish their own set early learning standards or guidelines. The following Early Learning Guidelines have been approved by the North Dakota Department of Human Services.

Birth to Age 3 Guide is divided into four developmental domains: • Social Emotional Development • Language Development & Communication • Cognitive Development • Physical & Motor Development

Ages 3 through 5 Guide is divided into eight developmental domains: • Health and Physical Development • Social and Emotional Development • Approaches to Learning, Expressive Arts and Creative Thinking, Language and Literacy • Mathematics and Logical Thinking • Science and Problem Solving • Social Studies

Activities that Support Early Learning

Our Early Learning Guidelines Companions Guides are packed with tips and play activities that child care providers and families can use to enhance children's learning and development.