Opportunities & Grants

Maintaining Quality for Bright & Early ND

You have worked so hard to achieve your Quality Rating, why stop now?
By participating in Maintaining Quality, your program will:

  • Continue to have access to your Child Care Aware Coach 
  • Be eligible to apply for scholarships for reduced cost training to meet the Professional Development Quality Standards for Bright & Early ND 
  • Be ready to take the next step for quality, whether it is renewing your current Quality Rating or moving to the next Quality Rating Step 

Apply as soon as your program earns their Quality Rating!

Participant Benefits

Access to a Personal Coach

An Early Childhood Coach will be by your side to:

  • Regularly review the Quality Standards Inventory to assure practices that have been developed by your program are still in place.
  • Provide check-ins regarding staff turnover and offer professional development advising for ongoing success to meet the Professional Development Quality Standards.
  • Be an accountability partner for continuous goal setting.
  • Keep you up-to-date with the latest Bright & Early ND information.

Engage in Professional Development

Your coach will guide you in choosing professional development courses to achieve program goals and meet Quality Inventory Standards. Participation in Maintaining Quality allows you to be eligible for scholarships for:

  • Select Child Care Aware Courses
  • CDA Scholarships
  • Aim4Excellence Scholarships

Enhance Your Program

Not only will you be equipped to renew your current Quality Rating of Bright & Early ND. Your personal coach can help you think about how to build on past program goals allowing you to continue to enhance your program and to help make moving to the next Step of Bright & Early ND less challenging.


Applicants must be current Bright & Early ND Step 2, Step 3 or Step 4 Quality Rated Programs

Ready to Join?

Check out Child Care Aware of ND’s Helpful Resources for a step-by-step tutorial on 'How to Apply for a Quality Initiative’.