Opportunities & Grants

Building Quality

Strengthen Business Practices  |  Establish Health & Safety Policies

Sound business practices and healthy & safety polices that protect children, staff and families are important components of quality child care program. Building Quality provides evaluation and coaching to help programs strengthen/establish these practices and policies to build a foundation of quality. Topics include: 

  • Staffing - Hiring, orientation, scheduling, staff development and retaining qualified staff
  • Money Management - Recordkeeping and budgeting
  • Family Partnerships - How to build relationships and increase communication with families and the community 
  • Marketing - Ideas and tools to market your program 
  • Risk Management - Developing a plan for possible emergencies and how to protect yourself from the risks of running a child care business
  • Health and Safety - Ideas to better protect the health and safety of children in your care 

Access to a Personal Coach
An Early Childhood coach will be by your side to help you:
- Assess your current practices
- Set and achieve individualized goals
- Learn more about showcasing your program’s quality

Resources to Enhance Your Program
Participants are encouraged to learn more about the process of continuous quality improvement.

How to Apply