Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What You Need to Know

Child Care Aware of North Dakota is collaborating with health and human services officials to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Find the latest guidelines for modified operating practices and the Child Care Emergency Operating Grant here:
  ND Dept. of Human Services COVID-19 Child Care Provider Resources ➜  

Child Care Emergency Operating Grant➜  Revised 9/24/20, Effective 9/26/20)

Child Care Modified Operating Practices➜  (Updated 11/15/20)

Q&A -  Child Care Program Updates Fall 2020➜  (Updated 12/23/20)

COVID-19 Child Care Exclusions and Closures Video Presentation   (32 minute viewing time) Molly Howell, Immunization Program Manager and Assistant Director of the Division of Disease Control in North Dakota, answers some frequently asked questions regarding child care closures and exclusions child care related to COVID-19.  Exclusion and Closures Q & A ➜  (Updated 9/8/20)

Recent Resources:

Update Your Program Vacancies➜ NOTE: any program applying for the CEOG (Childcare Emergency Operating Grant) must update their vacancies.

ND Coronavirus Hotline: 866-207-2880 
The public can call the North Dakota Department of Health with questions related to COVID-19 during the hours of 7 am to 5 pm Monday-Saturday or visit the website listed.

Project Renew: 
Crisis help is in your community. Get free and anonymous counseling.

Additional Resources Related to COVID-19
Check out the resources below to run your child care program and care for children during COVID-19.

  • Managing Your Business During COVID-19
  • A public health emergency often drives the need for programs to update their contract and policies or add an addendum to cover things they have not thought about before or address questions that their current contract and policies cannot answer.

  • Information for Families Using Child Care During COVID-19
  • When interviewing a new program:
    ✓ Conduct the majority of the interview by phone
    ✓ Do not visit programs if you or your children have symptoms
    ✓ Visit programs when no children are present
    ✓ Wear masks (adults), wash hands on arrival, and remove shoes
    ✓ Stagger tours - allowing only one family at a time

  • Information to help families feel confident about returning to an out-of-home child care setting.