Training & Credentials

Training to Go

Arrange a training session at your location with Child Care Aware® of North Dakota Training to Go.

Find your location, choose possible training dates, and a topic from a Training to Go menu.

Complete this Training to Go Request Form to begin setting up your event.

The Child Care Aware® Professional Development Specialist will contract a trainer and make all necessary delivery arrangements.


Cost of training:

  • Training to Go costs $150/hour. Additional fees may apply. 
  • Your organization will be sent an invoice after the training is completed. Credit will be awarded after payment has been received by Child Care Aware®.

Child Care Aware® will be responsible for:

  • Growing Futures approval
  • Handouts for each participant
  • Projector, speakers and laptop

Your organization will be responsible for:

  • Arranging the location
    • - Your training location should be comfortable for adults, including adult-sized furniture.
    • - Out of respect for others, please do not bring your children to the training.
    • - Please refrain from using your handheld devices and cell phones during the training.
  • Advertising the training event
  • Providing a white screen or blank wall to project screen
  • Arranging for trainer to set up a minimum of 15 minutes before training is scheduled to begin

Scheduling, credit and cancelations:

  • Training to Go must be scheduled a minimum of six weeks in advance.
  • Participants will be required to pre-register online or sign in with their Registry ID to receive credit.
  • Training cancelled within 10 days of the scheduled event will be charged 50% of the training cost.
  • Credit will be awarded after payment has been received by Child Care Aware®.
  • A maximum of 35 participants is allowed for a training event. An additional trainer may be contracted and an additional trainer fee may apply for events with over 35 participants.