Training & Credentials

Training Requirements

North Dakota law states that child care providers and their employees must complete specific trainings to become licensed or work in an early childhood setting. Some cities/counties also require additional trainings beyond state requirements. Contact your local County Social Services Office to verify training requirements for your location.

The First Three Months
All North Dakota licensed child care operators and employees are required to complete Getting Started, a 15-hour basic child care course, within the first three months of becoming licensed or employed. This training counts toward your annual training requirements.

First Aid and CPR Training
First Aid and CPR training must be completed prior to being licensed or employed. Recertification is required for licensing, but First Aid and CPR do not count toward your annual training hours.

Safe Sleep and Reducing the Risk of SIDS 
If you care for infants, you are required to complete this Child Care Aware® training annually. Search and register for this course.

Annual Training Hours
Licensed child care operators and employees must complete a minimum number of approved training hours annually. The number of training hours needed depends on license type and number of hours worked.

License TypeProvider/Director TrainingStaff Work HoursStaff Training
Family License 9 clock hrs/year - - -

Group License 10 clock hrs/year

30 to 40 hrs/week 8 clock hrs/year

20 to 30 hrs/week 6 clock hrs/year

10 to 20 hrs/week 4 clock hrs/year

< 10 hrs/week 2 clock hrs/year
Center License 13 clock hrs/year

30 to 40 hrs/week 13 clock hrs/year

20 to 30 hrs/week 11 clock hrs/year

10 to 20 hrs/week 9 clock hrs/year

< 10 hrs/week 7 clock hrs/year

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